software engineering


I provide software engineering services. My goal is to deliver quality craftsmanship — robust, reliable, and resilient software, and well-written, useful documentation.

software engineering

I can work either in full-scope mode driving the software engineering process from design, through implementation (including testing), to documentation; or in limited-scope mode taking responsibility for individual parts of the process, however fine-grained they may be.

operating systems and platforms

I work mainly on Unix-like operating systems — various Linux and BSD distributions; as well as on other platforms conforming to the POSIX standard. RTOS or bare metal platforms are also in-scope for the work I do.

programming languages

I can design, implement, and maintain software written in C++, C, Python, JavaScript, Perl, and Tcl. I can also write supporting scripts in BASH.

technical writing

Documentation is an inseparable part of the software engineering process. I can write user documentation presenting the software to end users, and explaining how it should be used; and technical documentation recording the intents behind the inner workings of the system, usage of its APIs, and the build process.


I can provide training on the topics of software design and development, technical writing, and usage of Linux operating system. I have experience in delivering conference presentations, as well as giving lectures and organising workshops in an academic setting.