software engineering

curriculum vitae

My curriculum vitae recording projects I have worked on, representing my full experience, is available for download as a PDF file. If you think I may be a good match for a work opportunity you have I encourage you to contact me.

I do mostly lower-level work that is used as the foundation for other software systems, and it is usually not visible to the end user: virtual machines, compilers and runtimes; init, watchdog, and error reporting systems.

Free Software work

My work, published under GNU GPL family of licenses, can be viewed on Sourcehut, and is also mirrored on GitHub. Certain projects of note are listed below.

Viua VM

Viua is bytecode virtual machine with custom ISA. It emphasises programming model focused on concurrency, process isolation, and asynchronous message passing between actors (internally sequential processes) in a system. This execution model is mostly similar to the actor model.
Source code:


Issue is a task tracking tool designed to be useful without a permanent Internet connection in distributed environments. I dog-food and use it to track work on all of my projects (both commercial and hobbyist).
Source code: